West Virginia disability lawyer can help you get Social Security disability benefits

During the more than 25 years I have been practicing as a West Virginia disability lawyer I have helped many men and women obtain Social Security disability benefits. I became a lawyer because I wanted to help ordinary people, and I am committed to the belief that there should be equal justice for all. I represent people from all walks of life who need assistance in getting the Social Security disability benefits they deserve.

I have prepared this website to provide you with information about many aspects of applying for West Virginia Social Security disability benefits. To learn more, please explore the articles and videos available here.

Why you should appeal if your claim is denied

If you have applied for Social Security disability benefits and your claim has been denied, you are no doubt feeling distressed. But a denial of an initial claim is not the end of the story, and you should not give up at this point. Why? Because if you pursue your claim until you have a hearing before an administrative law judge, you significantly increase your chances of a successful outcome. Social Security denies about two-thirds of the initial claims it receives, but it awards disability benefits in well over half the claims that are appealed to the hearing stage.

For more information about appealing, you can download a free e-booklet, Helpful suggestions for appealing a denial of benefits.

If you want to apply for benefits

On my website you will find detailed information about how to apply for Social Security disability benefits. In addition, you may want to read my Tips for applying.

West Virginia disability lawyer assists clients whose disability claim has been denied

We have many years’ experience guiding clients through the process of appealing a denial of Social Security disability benefits. I provide vigorous representation to women and men from all backgrounds who find themselves with an illness or injury that has affected their daily lives and their ability to continue working.

If your claim for West Virginia Social Security disability benefits has been denied and you are not already represented by a disability lawyer, and would like an evaluation of your case, please describe your claim using the form to the right, and I will respond promptly. Or you may contact me at:

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